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Lee Romanov is one of the Top Internet Marketers in North America.

Most website owners use their website
as a static brochure or calling card. 

The Art Of Asking

Lee shows YOU how to create an amazing crowd funding website, and activate several revenue streams too. In fact, you can generate revenue from your own content! 

Please take a moment of your time and watch the video to the right.

The Art of Asking is powerful, and you can apply this art to your website, reaching out to the world with your passion and drive!

Lee Romanov's Bio

Lee Romanov is a motivational speaker that gives people a plan of action they can use to generate online revenue.Lee 

She is the president of Income Activator, a powerful all-inclusive website builder designed for anyone at any skill level to make money online. It includes proprietary referral models that send leads to companies that pay you directly.

Romanov has been making money online since 1994. She was the first corporation in North America that generated revenue through lead generation.

Lee Romanov is the founder of, the largest online quoting service for car insurance in Canada, also serving the United States, and the United Kingdom. In 2007 she sold this business to Torstar, one of the largest media companies in Canada, owner of the Toronto Star newspaper, 106 Metroland community newspapers, Shop TV and so forth.

She wrote the Romanov Report, an e-newsletter, with a readership of over 150,000 people. 

Romanov has appeared on numerous television and radio outlets, including CNN, FOX, CBC, Global TV, CTV, CFRB, BBC, CITY TV, and numerous cable networks.

She has been quoted in the Toronto Sun, the Globe and Mail, Maclean's Magazine, the National Post, the Toronto Star, Newsday in New York City, the Ottawa Citizen, as well as many ethnic and community newspapers.

Lee is the author Car Carma, a satirical book comparing driver's tickets and accidents to their astrological sign. The book also provides good information about tickets, driving, insurance and the law. Car Carma has been featured by media in Canada and the USA. It was also included in Reader's Digest's special edition of America's 100 Best. On it's book launch, the website received over one million visitors.

Lee Romanov has hosted and produced her own Talk TV show on CP24 for Toronto's Breaking News Station. 

Lee was a columnist for both the Toronto Star and The Globe & Mail, Canada's national newspaper.

Romanov has also received numerous awards from Canada News Wire for her press releases being in the 'Top Ten' highest read category.

Recently, Lee launched her second book, TODAY'S Multi-Millionaires... What I Did & You Can Too.

Receive Your Copy Of TODAY'S Multi-Millionaires

todays multi-millionaires ebook by lee romanovThis book shows how you can be paid through the knowledge and experience you have right now, and it comes with a website to make it happen!

When you join our insider's group you will receive a copy of TODAY'S Multi-Millionaires showing how you can generate an online income from your website's content. 

Lee says; "I'm tired of the books like; 'Think And Grow Rich' and ‘The Secret' that only give you half the formula to becoming financially secure and how to achieve a better life. While 'Positive Thinking' is one thing, an 'Action Plan' is the critical component that seems to have been set aside.”

Your Opinion Has A Market Value

You can have a lucrative business in any industry and operate it from anywhere at any time, even if you're a one finger typist.

It works like this. Imagine an accounting firm paid you $40 every time you recommended them. You do it every day. You recommend the best painter to use, which dentist to go to, or where to get the best deals on whatever. But you never get paid for it. Now you can.

You can make money through your recommendations by sending people to companies that pay you. Even better, you don’t need to talk to anyone to begin generating income.

This book includes a free website which allows you to get paid just like that for your recommendations, Big Time!

“I wrote this book after I built and sold my website, All I was doing was recommending to people where to go to get car insurance. These recommendations generated millions of dollars in revenue. Up to 40% of people will follow your recommendations, and you can get paid for it! In contrast, only 1% might buy from you online when trying to sell something.

I tell you exactly how I did it in my book, and you can have one of these websites and do it too,” reports Lee Romanov.